Also we deal with spare parts for most of the common macinery Brands. If you don´t find the parts do you Need, please send us an inquiry..

To the spare parts

Concrete Shoes
Pressure Gasket
Head Coupling
Wear Plates
Gauge Stick
Hose Head VT-35
Vessel Mixer Set
Mixed Wave
Smoothing Plate
Vessel Mixer Wing Bracket
Vessel Mixer Wing
Vessel Mixer Wing Right
Vessel Mixer Wing Left
Vessel Mixer Bottom Connection
Hose Headpiece ND50 to ND65
Maneuvering Wheels
Spiral Sleeve - Spiral
Air Filter
Steel Towel
Smoothing Wing 120
Smoothing Wing 70
Vessel Funel
Output Tripod MT-50 - MT65
Output Tripod Cover MT50 - MT65
Rubber Cup Tripod
Cover Gasket
Rubber Base Tripod
Hose Headpiece MT-35